Burger in Schottland

distinctive features: unhealthy

Roslin Pub Beef Burger
  • The Pub is named after the famous Chapel, or the town that goes with it whoever was first, I don't now.

  • Apart from being served in such a famous environment the burger was quite goot.
  • A self made beefsteak, a bit on the small side, was complimented by lots of onions and a good side of salad & cucumber to add.
  • No tomatoes unfortunately, but that seems to be usual round here. No sauce either, just cheap ketchup (or HP Sauce for the strange people). But that too seems quite common in scotland.
  • A couple of Potatoe Chips (basically wedges) came with the burger an were OK.
Spring Bank Inn, Stew
  • I don't now if this Inn still exists, judging by the rather strange management of the owner I'd guess is doesn't but what the hell do I now.
  • The Burger didn't have a fancy name, because there was no menu. Do I care? Do You?
  • Anyway, the burger was really good, especially the bun was exquisit, with baked in cheese and everything. Unfortunately, because of the strange management I mentioned there was no sauce, just the usual suspects: cheap ketchup and brown sauce.

That drags the score down quite a bit.

  • And the whole dish had like <random big number> points . on the ww scale, you have been warned!

( http://www.healthyweightforum.org/eng/articles/weight_watchers_points/ )

Jackel & Hyde Pub, Edinburgh
  • The Burger at the Jackel & Hyde Pub was kind off generic. I would call it an example of the standard good quality scottish burger, you can get in pretty much any decent pub.
  • The J&H deserves mention because the interior design is quite remarkable. As you might have guessed its structured around a certain split persona. But on top of that it has this nice victorian mystery charm.
  • So if you want to visit an interesting place go for it, the food is ok.

2014/03/18 17:43