Day 3

  • Day 3 was crevasse Rescue day. If you don't know why one would want to rescue a crevasse you may be in over you head here.

  • So there were lots of things to learn, like using rope to travel on a glacier, falling into crevasses and getting other people out: The left picture shows me building a pulley system to get Cary out of the right picture.

  • Alistair shot a really cool picture of Andy “falling” in, you can see it on his website

  • As you can see in the pictures we had very good weather, again, and great views:

Day 4

  • For various reason we had pushed our summit attempt to day 5, so number 4 was another chance to be lazy. We spent the time to move up to a higher camp site and to learn and practise building snow walls.

This is how the end product of our snow digging exercise looked like.

Camping Food Special part 2

- Take 150-250g Pasta depending on your weight and eating habits.
- Throw them into a pot and add enough water to cover them.
- Heat until the water boils, has boiled for a couple of minutes and the pasta tastes al dente
- Add Pesto (= ground basil and olive oil)
- You have to decide yourself if you want to throw away some water, its a waste of enery if you do but water-pest omix tastes a bit strange

2014/03/18 17:43