Day 1

  • New course, new people: Justin and Kurt as guides. Julius, Ben, Brat (only for the first half), Chris (the same Chris as in the AMTL1) and I as guidees people being guided. Our first three days are easy to summarize: if the weather was good we went climbing, if not we did skills.

Training to lead on rock.

Rapelling fun after a multi pitch climb switching leads.

  • Our base was Leavenworth, a bavarian themed town:

WTF? I didn't take pictures of “Das Copy Shop” or “Der Sportmen” but you can guess that it was pretty hilarious (and of course nothing like in bavaria).

* On Day four or five we went back to Baker and did some ice climbing. It was pretty cool, but I didn't take any pictures because the weather was pretty much grey in grey.

* I know.. boooring. Just skip to Day 8 on the next page where it gets interesting again.

2014/03/18 17:43