Day 11

the morning after..

  • There are certain factor that increase avalanche danger. Near the top of that list is a lot of new snow. Kinda like you see on the picture above. Which meant that our herolike expedition to silverstar mountain had failed before it really began.
  • So we dragged ourself off the mountain, back to the van and drove back to Bellingham. Somewhere along the way the idea was born to use the chance to go backcountry skiing. From my perspective the perfect scenario: Lets not do something I suck at (rock climbing) but instead do something I don't even have a clue of (skiing). Hooa.
  • I will skip though the boring parts of repacking and renting ski and go on to the fun part

Day 12

  • There's actually not a lot to tell.. we went backcountry skiing:
  1. Put skins on ski
  2. Use skins to go up.
  3. Remove skins
  4. go down
  5. don't kill yourself!
  • The last point was the most important for me for reasons that would be obvious if you'd seen me.

  • And that was it. In the afternoon we went back to bellingham and our AMTL1 course was over.

2014/03/18 17:43