Day 7

  • Lets call it “Multi Pitch day on goat wall”. That explains it ok, I think.
  • But first things first. After a late arrival on day 6 we put up camp on some USFS campground, our base for the next days. In close driving distance are several nice rocks and the famous western theme town of winthrop.
  • Back to climbing:

The Goat Wall

myself climbing up

  • For the guys interested in details, the route was “prime rib”. It's a 5.9 and there was one difficult bit I had to try twice but otherwise it was a rather easy climb. But we didn't manage the whole 11 pitches, we had to turn back somewhere in the middle.
  • Some tourist pointers.. we were in “Mazama Valley” a secluded part of the Cascade Range east of Bellingham. A cool spot if you want to avoid crowds.

Day 8

  • The luck we've had with the weather so far was changing. In short the usual west coast weather took over and it started to rain.

  • We spent some time at “fun wall” building anchors. When the weather didn't improve we went to <townIforgot> and did skill training in some City Park Pavillion thingy.

2014/03/18 17:43